Free Meditation Classes in Nijmegen


Because of the corona virus all meditation classes are cancelled until further notice.

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About the classes

Practical exercises and spiritual tips to integrate meditation into your daily life. According to the teachings of our teacher Sri Chinmoy all our classes are free of charge.
Classes are given in English when non-Dutch speakers are present.

Topics in our classes:

  • Meditation on the heart
  • Mantra’s and spiritual music
  • Concentration and visualisation
  • Living a spiritual life in the 21st century

Meditation means
Conversation with silence.

Who is offering the classes?

Be inspired by meditation teachers with many years of experience

Abhinabha Tangerman was born and raised in Nijmegen, but now lives in Amsterdam. He offers free meditation classes in different cities in The Netherlands and Belgium. Abhinabha has over 20 years of practical meditation experience under the guidance of his spiritual teacher Sri Chinmoy. He combines meditation with an active and dynamic outer life of writing, travelling, running and music. His spontaneous and experienced teaching style has inspired seekers at home and abroad.

Meditation in action

Sri Chinmoy inspired us to manifest the talents and qualities we receive through meditation in the outside world. Below are some of the manifestation projects of the Sri Chinmoy Centres worldwide.

Running and meditation: a golden combination

raceRunning and meditation have a lot in common. Sri Chinmoy often referred to meditation as “inner running”, since it involves a conscious movement forward towards a goal. Meditation and running both possess a core of poise, strength and dynamism.

Running makes our body healthy and fit, which also helps us to meditate well. The fitter we are, the better the meditative energies are able to flow through us. For that reason we often run and also organize running races for the public. In Amsterdam the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team organizes a marathon and two ultramarathons each year.

Music for meditation

Music is a very powerful meditation tool. Through meditative music we can reach deeper states of consciousness and come into contact with a source of peace, love and beauty deep inside ourselves. Many of Sri Chinmoy’s students are part of musical ensembles that have dedicated themselves to singing and playing spiritual music. Sri Chinmoy himself was a prolific musician and composer. During his life he composed over 20,000 spiritual and devotional songs and offered over 700 Peace Concerts where he played on a variety of instruments.

‘He Gurudev’ (Arranged by Ashru Dhara)


Running for Peace

The Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run is a global torch relay for peace and friendship involving more than one hundred nations and over a million participants worldwide. The Peace Run seeks to promote international friendship and understanding, through runners carrying a flaming Peace Torch that is passes from hand to hand along the way. The message of the Peace Run is that peace starts in the heart of each one of us and spreads from one person to the next to eventually illumine the whole world.